Case Study: TacoTime


The Relationship

It was 1996 when TacoTime Canada approached us. Tag was the new ‘Hot Shop’ on the block and gaining fast momentum with new client wins such as Imax Theatres Worldwide and Western Canada’s Alpha Dairy.

TacoTime was looking for an agency they could partner with to revitalize the brand, increase store openings and raise customer counts across Canada… a relationship they could count on and trust. The RFPs were sent to agencies across Canada with the intent to shortlist to four. We made the first cut with a written strategy on how we could increase corporate brand awareness and also partner with each of the 70 individual franchisee owners and operators in 5 provinces. A momentous task for sure … we did our homework on the TT operation and we’re confident in our strategy.

After the 2-hour presentation on strategy, creative and media planning and buying, TAG was awarded the TTC contract the next day. We were told that our research, strategy and brand creative blew their sombreros off, but what really pushed TAG above the others was ‘how we felt with the people and personality… that TAG truly cared.’

The key to winning the TacoTime account was having the right vision and cultural fit. Matching approach and workflow types is critical to the project management process. As part of an agency evaluation, find out how they handle project deadlines and project overruns as well as what resources and steps they will take to finish the project when it’s over deadline and/or budget.

The brand-agency relationship is a key factor that will determine the success of all campaigns. If both parties do not share the same vision, it will be challenging to work together and agree upon creative concepts, overall messaging and tactical programs.

Branding is not a manufacturing process – ideas that resonate do not come off an assembly line. They are born out of inspiration – the offspring of art plus insight. They are incubated and nurtured into existence. Ideas power the central narrative of every brand. They connect what the brand stands for with the story it tells. A great idea is a unifying force, helping everyone understand how the brand can make a difference in the lives of people – the role it plays in helping them. And that idea must be closely associated with their belief system – with how they see the world.

We wanted to engage with the TacoTime customer across all channels in more meaningful ways. To manage their customer touchpoints holistically so we can deliver great experiences that build consistent, seamless and authentic interactions with our discerning customers.